RI's First Overdose Prevention Center

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The Country's First State-Regulated Overdose Prevention Center

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Project Weber/RENEW already operates two drop-in centers in Rhode Island. At these spaces, located in Providence and Pawtucket, anyone is welcome to stop by the space, grab a snack or some water, rest, talk with peer staff with lived experience, and pick up harm reduction supplies such as clean syringes and safer smoking kits. In addition, individuals can access referrals for medical care, treatment and detox, attend a support group, or get tested for HIV or hepatitis C, among many other services.

The overdose prevention center we will open in 2024 will offer these same services and add one component: Individuals will be able to bring in pre-obtained drugs and use them on site, under supervision.

Rhode Island legalized the creation of overdose prevention centers in 2021 and the facility we are working toward opening will be the first state-regulated overdose prevention center in the country. Providing a safe, clean space in which someone can use their drugs has been proven to reduce overdose, deaths from overdose, infectious disease, litter, and much more, based on decades of research of such facilities around the world.

With trained medical and peer staff on hand to provide safe supplies, monitor individuals who are using drugs, and giving them a space in which to feel comfortable, they are much more likely to engage in other support services, access healthcare, case management services, and enter recovery. We will partner with another organization to provide treatment services on site so if and when an individual is ready they can easily access the care they need.

We know firsthand too many of our friends, loved ones, and neighbors are dying from overdose. We're committed to working with all of our community partners to ensure this center will set an example for others to follow and will save more lives. If a person is not alive, they cannot make choices that will positively impact their lives.

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